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Open Fires

Standard sweep of 2 story building - £60

Any extra stories charged at £5 each and £10 four stories and above. We dont charge extra for an attic conversion.


Woodburning or multifuel stoves

Standard sweep of 2 story building if chimney is lined - £60

Standard sweep of 2 story building if chimney is unlined - £80

This price includes the servicing of your stove

Any extra stories charged at £5 each. We dont charge extra for an attic conversion.

Servicing is available for woodburning or multifuel stoves at £25 an hour including costs for replacement parts.


Multiple flues

We offer a £10 discont on any multiple flues when sweeping at the same time.  First flue full price, successive flues £10 discount each.  We offer a £5 discount to each house on the same street booking together.


Call out Charge

In the event that we arrive at your property and we are unable to sweep due to circumstances out of our control such as poor installation or an unstable chimney stack we charge a £20 call out fee.  In these situations we will always try and advise verbally and in writing how you can rectify the problem so that sweeping will be possible in the future.


Birds nests / Major blockages

In addition to the standard sweeping rate we charge £15 for each extra half hour of labour spent removing a nest or blockage.  If you suspect you might have a nest in your chimney please inform us when booking so that we book you a longer appointment.


Cancellations / Date changes

In the event that you need to cancel your sweep or rearrange the date, we would appreciate as much notice as possible to enable us to offer the appointment to another customer.  For cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment we ask that you pay the £20 cancellation fee as we will be unable to offer it to anyone else.



Sweeping is essential to ensure deadly gases are safely vented and that the property and its inhabitants are not at risk from chimney fires.  If you currently have limited financial means please get in touch and we can arrange a special concessionary rate.



Locations on the far outskirts of Bristol or in Bath may incur an extra charge of £10 at sweeps discretion.

chimney sweep cost

£10 discount on each additonal flue you have swept at the same time

or £5 discount with a neighbour.

spring sweeps qualify for a £5 discount off standard rates. 


Lucky Sweep

To this day to see a chimney sweep and receive a lucky handshake or kiss after the wedding ceremony is supposed to bring good fortune to the newly married couple.

Dave can attend your wedding at the church or reception where he may play 'Chim Chimney' on the clarinet and wish the couple good luck presenting them with traditional gifts, a bottle of bubbly, a scroll of good luck and a lump of coal as a keepsafe in full sweep regalia, Ask for details.