Traditional Chimney Sweeps

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Chimney sweep services covering the bristol locality

All types of fire inspected, safety checked and swept.


Open fires swept using appropriate rods and brushes - the traditional method


Stainless steel flues swept using either our tapered nylon 'flexi rods' or  The 'Viper sweeping system' a uniquely designed continuous rod system that is particularly gentle on your delicate flue.


We run a multi stage hepa filter vacuum to protect your furnishings and ensure safe air quality in your home.  We operate a mess free service with a certificate issued for your buildings insurance.

Open fires, Woodburners, Gas and Oil swept


What to expect... Before we start sweeping, the fireplace or appliance is inspected and then the hearth is sealed to prevent any soot escaping.  A clean hearth sheet goes on the floor to protect your carpets or rugs and a soot cloth covers the opening.  Once the fireplace is sealed we begin sweeping.  A multi stage HEPA filter vacuum is used to catch any soot and filter the air.  We then use different sized brushes to sweep the entire length of  the chimney or flue, passing the brushes out the top.  When the brush is poking out the chimney pot, we will let you know, so that you can go outside and see it.  To see the brush out the top of your chimney  is good luck and you get to make a wish!  After the chimney has been cleaned we will tidy up and leave you with a certificate of sweeping along with any recommendations from our sweep in writing.