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Why sweep my chimney / liner in the spring?

Deterioration of masonry and corrosion of liners

Leaving the residue from the heating season in your chimney flue actually wears out your masonry faster and increases the likelihood that you’ll need costly repairs.  Soot and water make acids that deteriorate both mortar joints and chimney liners. The process is slow, but leaving the soot in the chimney during the spring and summer months will expose your masonry and flue to the corrosive build up that’s there after every heating season.  Having the chimney swept soon after the season’s over drastically decreases the likelihood that you’ll need repairs.


Damage to liner

Liners will benefit from a spring clean too.  The residue from burning wood collects on the inside of the liner during use, and in its original state is easy to sweep from the liner.  If however, it is left in the flue, it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and condensation and eventually become a wet, tar like substance.  which will then start to slide and drip down the flue.  When the fire is next used, or if there is a spell of warm dry weather, the moisture in the tar will be evaporated, and the tar will return to a solid state with a smooth, shiny surface, no air gaps and ‘glued’ firmly to the side of the flue.  No amount of sweeping will dislodge this from the flue, and it is very flammable.  This has effectively reduced the diameter of the flue, and constant repeating of the process will continue to restrict the airway further.  As the flue narrows so the fire risk increases and sweeping becomes more difficult and more strain is put upon the liner, eventually to the point where the liner could split in an effort to open the flue way.


No waiting!

When the heating season is over, it’s only natural for you to stop thinking about your stove, fireplace and chimney.  But there are benefits to getting ready for the next season early. No waiting around!  There is always a long wait in autumn – sometimes up to a month.We hate to make customers wait, but the demand in the autumn can be overwhelming.  By spring sweeping you avoid the wait just when you want to use the fire and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your chimney and flue have been serviced.


Bad Smells

Fireplace odours are worst in the spring and summer.  Spring sweeping minimises the smell.


Find the problems before it gets cold

Every year people find that they’ve got heating system emergencies just when they need heat.  We hope nothing will be wrong with your chimney, but if there is a problem it's best to find out before you need the chimney again!


Save Money!

You will save money as we offer a financial incentive to reward you for helping us stay busy during the warmer months.  All sweeps in April, May and June receive a £5 discount off the normal rate.